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About Tai ChiA form of moving mediatation, it seeks stillness within movement and is a dynamic art form of continous, circular flowing and ever changing ,movements like water. The entire composition of movement and each component posture is governed by the principle of yin and yang.
Tai Chi has its roots in the oriental belief in life’s inherent balance with the universe; this is depicted by the Yin Yang symbol, which represents the integration of the opposite forces: positive and negative, soft and hard, male and female etc. By balancing this energy within us we improve our physical and mental health.

Yin Yang

The Chinese symbol for universal balance shown here represents the combination of the opposites needed to form a whole. About Tai ChiThe black spot in the white area and the white spot in the dark indicate that everything includes its own opposite. It is the principal of everything in creation; it is the source of life. Heaven was created by an accumulation of Yang, the element of light. Earth was created by an accumulation of Yin, the element of darkness. Yang stands for destruction. Yin stands for conservation.
Yang is the male, Yin is the female. Though different they complement each other in a continuous movement without beginning and without end. Together they delineate the universal forces in nature, dark and light, inner and outer, soft and hard, negative and positive, male and female, complementing each other. This symmetry is represented in every facet of Chinese life. The earth, moon, winter and water said to be Yin, while yang is present in the sun, summer, heaven and fire. No part has a life of its own. Each exists in harmonious interaction with each other. The balance between opposites reflects the essence of tai chi.

Tai Chi Chuan is Yin/Yang. It seeks harmony and balance. Training according to principle and classic concept will lead to resolving a conflict confidently, yet, calmly. As you progress and understand Tai Chi as an “Art of Life”, you will grow with it over the course of time. As with nature you cannot force it to happen. It takes time. It is a process and it keeps on evolving.

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