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About Us – Phoenix Tai Chi London

Phoenix Tai Chi Chuan Academy aims to promote and spread Tai Chi while maintaining its tradition as passed down from ancestors of the art.

About Us Our Academy offers training in both Yang and Chen style Tai Chi, so we are confident you willl find something that suits you! You will have a chance to learn both - traditional form as well as the modern competiton forms.

All students follow martial arts etiquette, which you can view by clicking here.

Syllabus (click on the name to see videos and more information)

Bare Hand Forms
Yang Style 108 Step Traditional Form (also named 88)

Yang Style 28 Step Traditional Form

42 Step Competition Form

Chen Style 74 Step Traditional Form (Laojia Yi Lu)

Chen Style 42 Step Form (Cannon Fist)

Weapon Forms
32 Step Yang Style Sword Form

42 Step Competition Sword Form

39 Step Tai Chi Fan Form (Ladies Fan)
Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Form

Training with a partner
Push Hands


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